Oct 05, 2021

Paygage Expands to the EMEA Region and Is Now Available in Africa

Over the years, Africa has proven to be a hotbed of innovation particularly in the digital and payment space. Every day, we see new and better solutions created to provide people and organizations across the continent with access to financial tools such as mobile money, digital wallets, and payment gateways. Joining other players in transforming and reinventing the fintech industry is Paygage after recently launching the solution in Africa.

What is Paygage?

Paygage is an innovative payment gateway that enables member-based organizations to accept payments from all major credit and debit card companies from across the world, such as Visa, Mastercard, or Amex and PayPal and e-check/ACH. With this solution, users can enable their communities to pay securely and conveniently using any of the major credit, debit, or prepaid cards, via bank transfer or digital wallets.

Until recently, Paygage was only available in the US. It was launched in March 2020 to provide a better, easier way to collect money online. Africa is the first stop on the journey to expanding in the EMEA market as Paygage continues to work tirelessly on scaling up the payment gateway to serve clients and their communities in the international market.

How Paygage Will Benefit Professional Communities in the Africa Region

The bank-grade easy-to-use platform stands to solve some of the common challenges experienced by organizations looking to pay and bill their professional communities across the globe. Paygage Africa will:

  • Improve transparency by providing timely financial reports and a dashboard where users can easily see all transactions
  • Eliminate manual processes and provide easier, faster payouts with automatic and quick transfers
  • Lower transaction fees by allowing users to create accounts based on their currency where they can also receive direct payouts
  • Provide a highly secure payment gateway for its users

By providing the above benefits, Paygage will further the proliferation of fintech services and advance the financial inclusion of communities in different parts of the Africa region.

Paygage Africa Will Promote Financial Automation

Since its launch, Paygage has over 30,000 users worldwide. Member-based organizations are going beyond accepting payments and billing members by automating their complete financial journey. This helps eliminates manual processes with automatic ticketing and invoice generation until taxes are due.

Paygage Africa will transform professional communities as more and more member-based organizations make digitization their top strategic priority. In addition, where security has been a significant concern in Africa eCommerce industry, Paygage Africa is PCI compliant. This feature secures the platform’s infrastructure and protects its users’ data by transferring it over encrypted SSL connections.

Paygage Africa will advance the radical transformation of the continent's financial industry. Moreover, more member-based organizations will continue to demonstrate financial resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and play an instrumental role in their economic recovery.

The Most Convenient Way to Pay and Get Paid Online

Paygage was created with professional communities in mind. Member-based organizations in Africa will have a fast, painless, and secure way to collect money and bill their members online. It is a reliable platform that provides the highest level of security allowing users to remain compliant with their communities. Additionally, Paygage will provide lower transaction fees, faster payouts, and in-depth reports that will allow users to always keep track of their financial performance.

As most organizations continue to work online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paygage Africa will promote digitization by enabling member-based organizations to automate their complete financial journey. Membership management will become simpler and more efficient allowing member-based organizations to focus on growing their memberships.

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